PRC Wins At Kent Park~

In what many consider to be Iowa’s kick-off race of the year, the Kent Park Classic is an all category mass start race over 24 hilly miles where the winner is awarded some kick-butt chocolate cake, pie, and beer (all being very high commodities in the PRC camp). Five of the PRC squad represented, and the women’s race within the race quickly turned into a showdown between Jane and her former teammates Robin and Anne. On the uphill sprint to the finish line Jane punched the throttle and took the gold. And after a slight mechanical, Kelli was still able to motor her way back to the lead pack, taking fourth in the finishing sprint. Great job by all- racers, promoters, and officials alike. We’re glad to see the season get underway! Check out all of our pictures from Kent Park HERE.

You can read the full race report at Cycling Update.

Guthart's Valentines~

Back in February we sold Kelli and Jane on eBay… sorta. The winner of the auction didn’t actually get to keep K + J, rather received a Valentine’s dinner with the two. That winner was Coralville resident, USAC official, and Harry Potter figurine collector Mark Guthart. Mark won the auction by dropping just over $400 into the PRC bank account and this past weekend he finally got his Valentine’s dinner.

The three went to the Lynn Street Café in Iowa City and reports of a freaky-jealous, hair pulling, cat fight between Kelli and Jane are only slightly exaggerated. Don't worry, Kelli's hair will be fine and the swelling on Jane's eye should go down quickly. Thanks again to Mark for breaking into his child’s college fund to support the team.

Much Love to John Q.~

You know who you are. Domo arigato.

Happy Birthday Jane!~

Good Mornin Jane,
Happy Birthday, Once Again,
What Would We Do,
What Would We DO Without You
Without You

Wake Up The Sun IS Shining,
Shining For You,
To Take All Your Troubles Away,
Just For A Day,
To Take All Your Troubles Away,
Just For A Dayyyyy,
For A Dayyy,

So Good Night Jane,
Happy Birthday Once Again,
Now What Would We Do,
What Would We Do Without You,
Without You,

Wake Up The Sun IS Shining,
Shining For You,
To Take All Your Troubles Away,
Just For A Day,
To Take All Your Troubles Away,
Just For A Dayyyyy,
For A Dayyy,

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday Jane

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday Jane

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday Jane

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday Jane

Kid Vicious~

Our "I'm A Little Punk" t-shirts were hugely popular, THANK YOU to everyone who picked one up! For those of you who missed out we'll surely be printing more. In the meantime photos of the LPs have been rolling in, and if you're out there with a LP t-shirt please send us a snapshot... we'd love to add it to our collection. Check out the submissions so far!

This photo is of Corely, daughter to our buddy Rick... Corely will be turning 2 soon and we've got secret word that she'll be riding her first bike on her birthday, the Specialized Hotwalk!

Criterium 101~

You hear someone say the words "criterium" or "prime" or "domestique", and the only thought that might run through your head is, "Why does this person insist on speaking French? Merde. Ceci me confond." See... they're not speaking French. Well, not entirely. They're likely talking about criteriums, a popular form of bike racing here in the land of Freedom Fries. Criteriums can be scary and confusing but when you take a few seconds to understand what's happening you'll find cirteriums are a blast to watch and participate in. With some help from the girls at Team Revolution and our awesome friend Carrie we've made an informational called Criterium 101. DOWNLOAD IT NOW.

PRC Duathlon Info~

Information on the PRC Duathlon being held next week is ready for you to download, read, and share with all the world. We want to see you there! We want to see your friends there! We want to see your family, coworkers, kids, associates, and your dealers. We want everyone there. This is the perfect series if you're training toward Hy-Vee Tri or the Flatland Series.

Discount pricing if you sign up for all 3 duathlons on April 3rd ($35 per individual entry and $50 per group entry).

Race distance is 1.5m run / 12m bike / 1.5m run.

If you're planning on racing and need a babysitter for the young one then email Maria before next Monday! Only $3 per kid, ages 4-14.
If you'd like to volunteer then email Kelli. We'd love to have your help.

You're Invited to Sweet Jane's Birthday Party~

You're invited to celebrate Sweet Jane's 30th birthday this Friday (March 28th) here in Des Moines. A bike ride followed by dinner followed by a party at the new Bike Kollective. If you're interested in coming along for all three or just a portion -and you're not annoying- then click the image for all the details.

See ya soon!
Read or print the invite.

Little Punk Ts In Stock~

Just wanted to throw out a reminder that our "I'M A LITTLE PUNK" t-shirts are in. They are for sale ($15 + $3 shipping) and we have most all youth sizes available. Most t-shirts are black with white writing, a few are grey- as pictured. Thanks to Blue Colnago for posting this picture of his Little Punk!
If you'd like to order a shirt, indicate size/quantity, and send a check or money order to:
Punk Rock Cycling
301 Grand Ave
West Des Moines, IA

We're Back!~

A week of riding in Nashville and Bloomington, Indiana did some pretty amazing things for the team. Some of us are feeling ready to ride, some of us are feeling worked, some of us are feeling a bit of cabin fever. But we all love each other and came out a stronger team because of it.
We braided each other's hair, got all chatty-Cathy, cruised the Little 500 track at I.U., partied with the boys from Revolution Bike & Bean, had great meals, great wine, and plain old crappy weather. We rode our bikes some too... but oddly do not have any photographic proof. Silly we know. Check the pics.

We're Outta Here~

We're off to beautiful Indiana for a week of riding. No clue if we'll have access to the Interweb or The Google while we're gone so you may not see much happen here on the website. Fair warning.

In the meantime, the "I'M A LITTLE PUNK" t-shirts have arrived and those of you who ordered some should be seeing a package or email coming your way.

Domo arigato.

Coming Up~

The team is leaving for training camp this weekend kids! We can't wait to get all six women together in one place. Ana and Jen haven't met yet, the weather is going to be amazingly crappy with a side of "ugh", we ordered some sick Specialized rain jackets just for the trip, and we'll be staying at a pretty rockin cabin in the middle of Indiana somewhere. You know you wanna come along.
Can you guess what's cool in pro cycling?

TNWC Anyone?~

The Tuesday forecast here in Des Moines is calling for mid to upper 50s and lots of sun. It could be the warmest day of the year! And with Daylight Saving in full effect that can mean only one thing; it's time to break out and work the Tuesday Night World Championship ride. We hope to see ya'll locals out there. :)
Ride details and route map.

The IT Kit~

The Punk Rock gear is here kid! We had our clothing made by Louis Garneu... all women-specific. Just in time for our trip to warm, sunny, hilly, and lovely... Indiana.

Wait. Hold on- -what? Did you say Indiana?

Oh yeah. Bloomington baby here we come. We're going to do our own remake of Breaking Away. SENIORINA!!

Read more.

Me Dress Pretty One Day~

We've finished the 2nd of 3 photo shoots planned before the season gets underway. This time around we decided to go high society, the clothes were provided by the Velvet Coat, the photos were taken by Maharry Photography, and the entire shoot was done at the Teachout Building in Des Moines' East Village.

Check out the photo set here.

Steal This Flyer!~

Check our flyer for our duathlons, Race Like A Girl series, and Wednesday Ritual Rides. Click, print, distribute to everyone you know, then tell them if they don't attend these events some button-down, Oxford-cloth psycho might just snap, and then stalk from office to office with an Armalite AR-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic weapon, pumping round after round into colleagues and co-workers. ....Thank you! :)

Specialized Launches New D4W Website~

To celebrate Women's Month Specialized is launching a completely expanded, updated and redesigned women's website that's bigger, better and more interactive than the last. The new site showcases Designs for Women bikes, equipment and apparel, while highlighting brand initiatives, and sponsored athletes/teams (like your favorite punk gals). GO THERE NOW!

Punk Periodical~

Well, I could sit here and write about the weather, but I think I will spare you all and myself. It will be over soon and in the meantime it has made those days when we actually get out that much more special. I could also go on and on and on about my new Specialized S-Works Ruby I took out for the first time this weekend, but I think everyone can relate to how they felt the first time they ever clipped into a road bike, cause that is what it was like. Or how about the first time you got behind the wheel of a car to drive off on your own? You know, the freedom of just going fast down the road. Or how about riding your bike on a freshly paved road with no bumps? Remember when handlebar shifters first came out and you no longer had to reach to the down tube and turn the lever just right? How about coming to an intersection after just getting your brakes replaced and not being scared for your life that you are gonna end up in the middle of traffic? And how could you forget the first time you took your bike out with clip in pedals and nearly or maybe you did fall over like a tree at the first stop you had to make? Or when you bought a new pair of shoes only to walk outside, have it be raining and then trying to unsuccessfully dodge all the puddles and mud.

OK, maybe I will go on and on and on about my new bike.

This past Sunday I went out for a ride with a fabulous group of gals, in wonderful weather, and of course on my S-Works Ruby for the first time. It was amazing! I have been riding a titanium LeMond Victoire with mountain bike pedals. It was a gift after I graduated from college and it replaced my ancient, steel framed Specialized Allez (with down tube shifters). So anyways, after working up a sweat just getting dressed on Sunday, I slipped on my new and first pair of road shoes and fumbled down my front steps. Once in the driveway I clipped in and headed out. It was incredible, as I pedalled up the small hill I could not believe the efficiency of my legs as they were solidly connected to the bike. I then came to the stop light where I nearly went over the front of the handlebars when I put on the brakes and nearly fell over cause I couldn't get my foot out of the pedal. But I stayed upright and was off to meet up with the girls. We headed out into the windswept farmlands north of Des Moines and with an initial tail wind I felt as though I was flying along the roads. Riding a carbon framed bike is like riding with front and rear shocks and unless I hit one of the ungodly huge potholes there are around here, I hardly noticed the bumps in the road. Then there was the shifting, it was amazingly smooth and easy thanks to the Dura Ace components I have been fortunate to be able to ride with. It was the most perfectly tuned machine and my legs felt like pistons just pumping away.

Unfortunately I needed to head in sooner than I was ready since school and work were on the agenda for the rest of the day. As I pulled up to my house with the biggest grin on my face reality sank in, my most amazing and beautiful bike was now wet and full of grit. I immediately called Donny, who probably thought I had just drank 10 cups of coffee (I was a bit excited and wired from the ride). He gave me some pointers on getting Ms.Ruby clean and laughed as I told him all about riding my new bike. I tend to get very passionate and excited about things and as you can imagine; I was beyond pumped and thrilled after my ride.

Babysitters At Bike Races~

An interesting concept indeed! The folks over at BikeIowa posted a short interview with Maria about PRC providing babysitters at bike races. Check-a-check-a-check it OUT!

Carbon Neutral Events~

Very few people could argue that automobiles are one of the leading causes for the decline in our environment, and as Americans we're leading the auto race in ruining the world. But as cyclists we have one of the best tools to fight back and truly protect our planet. Jane brought up the idea to strive for carbon neutral events. Some hard core bike racers might chuckle and mock the thought of someone driving their bike a few miles down to the paved trail, but they wouldn't blink at driving down to the bike race that was just as far away.

PRC will be hosting 10 races in 2008. 3 duathlons, 5 criteriums, and 2 cyclocross races. Most of these events will be held on Thursday nights and as such are aimed directly at Des Moines locals. Our questions are:

-How many of you will drive to a bike race that is well within cycling distance?
-Should we offer discounts to people who rode their bikes to the event?
-Or should we just charge more to the people who don't?
-What are some other ideas to make our events carbon neutral?

Leave your ideas in the comments section please... we'd love to hear.

PRC Custom Chrome Bags~

Trace Adkins said that "her favorite color is chrome." And that hick was right. Each one of the PRC girls got hooked up with a Chrome messenger bag, each bag a different color, and each bag embroidered with the team logo and the rider's name. You can check out some pictures of the embroidering process here. If you want one of your own there's plenty to choose from at Rasmussen Bike Shop. And a pile of love to Anne in SF. Domo Arigato!

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Rachael Lambert, Specialized D4W
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Chris Maharry, Photographer

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