Hometown: Tipton, IA
Resides in: West Des Moines
'09 Race Age: 29
Employment: IT Project Manager for Visionary Services in Des Moines

Years Racing? Top race results? Raced in 2008 - 1st at State Championship Criterium, 1st at State Championship Team Time Trial, 1st at Green Days Criterium, 1st at Elkhart Time Trial Series, 1st at Spring Cycling Classic Road Race, 1st at Altoona Road Race (C4), 1st at Wheels on Willy Criterium (C4), 1st at Wapello-Mediapolis Road Race (C4), 2nd at Clear Lake Road Race, 2nd at Snake Alley Criterium (C4) and 2nd at Melon City Criterium (C4)

What excites you most about PRC? It’s so cool that we’re a women’s team and especially that we’re the only all women’s team in Iowa. All team members came so far in 2008 and it’s very exciting that we have 5 women returning and that we've added six new talented and promising women to join us for 2009. I’ve had so much fun racing this year and I can’t wait for our new members to experience this as well. Should be another great year!

What do you feel you can uniquely bring to the team? I think several of our team members will be able to upgrade to Category 3 next summer so after upgrading and racing some Cat 1-2-3 races this year, hopefully I can give additional advise and encouragement as they make that move. I remember I was scared but excited to upgrade! It’s definitely a much different race.

How do you hope to promote more women to cycle/race? Our weekly Ritual Ride was definitely a huge step in this direction this past year. We’ve had SO many compliments regarding our weekly ride. Also, as triathlons have become so big in the area, I think it was great that PRC hosted training duathlons and the Race Like A Girl series to encourage more women into bike racing. Both were very beginner friendly which is key. I think we can advertise more and make these events even bigger for 2009!

Other cycling goals you have for yourself in '09? I really want/need to learn more tactics to racing. You always hear in bike racing, the smartest person wins not the strongest and I’m anxious to learn both race and team tactics. Donny was so great about a strong team game plan before each major event and I want to learn this myself so I know more about attacking, saving energy, sprinting, cornering, etc. There’s a lot to it!

Our Favorite YouTube Video Today~

Check out this recreational crash by clicking HERE. Ouch!

And by the way, PRC wishes you a Happy and Safe Halloween!

State Cross On Saturday & Dirty Duathlon On Sunday~

This weekend PRC plans to have participants at both the Cyclocross Championship Race on Saturday as well as the Dirty Duathlon on Sunday. Come out to join the fun or just watch and cheer us on!

The Iowa Cyclocross Championship race is held at Lions Park in Altoona. At a different location this year, we hear Lions Park offers a challenging course with plenty of hills and a steep asphalt climb at the finish line. More details and directions can be found HERE.

This Sunday is the 3rd Annual Dirty Duathlon starting at Greenwood Park in Des Moines. Individually you can do both the run and mountain bike or else find a partner and enter as a team. More details can be found HERE.
Should be a great weekend!

Chris's Spooky Cross Race Report~

From the race location, Spooky Cross looks innocent enough, a beautiful day, nice and not so nice bikes, great crowd, a little biking with a couple little obstacles in the way to keep it interesting and weed out the punks. HA! Masked by the gentle rolling hills and American Gothic scenery lies the terror of the cross, it was more like the Blair Witch Project and I wanted to escape. I've never been on a cycle cross bike, never seen a cross race and certainly never raced in one. My story of survival is almost as long and as painful as the race itself but I'm a merciful person and summarized it with one short paragraph...

Cycle Cross is a lung tearing, heart exploding, leg screaming tunnel of pain. The perfect example of that which does not kill you only makes you stronger. There's no whining, nothing easy and nothing pretty, clean or sophisticated about it. It's like mountain biking meets ultimate fighting. It's not even fun... not until you're done, earned your position on the side line and scrub your lungs off the back of your throat with a Fat Tire and watch as the other racers get bludgeoned by the mud, obstacles, hills, other riders and hecklers. Lungs are an acquired taste. I'll be back.
-Hannibal Lecter
On a side note: Maria, Elder Corp is looking for their tank you used for the race. After you hose the mud off, please return ASAP, they need it back Monday.

Maria's "Race" Report - Spooky Cross~

I am strictly a road cyclist without a cross or mountain bike. Therefore, I can’t participate in the cross races, right? With the nice weather on Saturday morning, I knew my kids would have friends hanging out at the Spooky Cross race so I decided to head over to watch. What a great day we had! I drank a little beer, the kids played on the hay bales, and we watched some racing. We were parked at the top of the hill where Squirrel was taunting the racers wearing nothing but a thong and a W mask. (I’ll have to talk to him about paying for the therapy for my kids….) By the end of the day, Chris and I talked ourselves racing on Sunday after JJ kept shaming us into it. “We don’t have bikes,” was our excuse. JJ pointed out that surely we know SOMEONE in the cycling community who would loan us a bike! Kim West let Chris borrow his cross bike and I decided to just use my husband’s mountain bike.

So on Sunday, I bundled the kids up and got the bike, which weights at least 30 pounds and I thought, “well, at least I’ll get a workout today.” By lunchtime, the winds were howling at 50 to 60 miles per hour and the temp was barely 50 degrees. Standing out by the start/finish line was a challenge in itself. My kids were so cold they were crying. I tried to get Chris to bag it with me, but she said no. OK, I paid the entry fee, lowered the seat on the bike, and took off for a practice lap to check out the course. Thanks to Julie and Cam for the tour and pointers. I had not road a mountain bike in a year, and have never been to a cross practice. I had only watched 2 cross races before.

We had 9 women at the start line, which was great considering the day before with great weather, there were only 5 women. I started at the back were I belonged, and where I stayed during the entire race. (I can’t really offer a ‘race’ report, since I spent the entire time riding by myself—more of a ‘ride’ report). It was a challenging race with very steep hills, plenty of opportunities for me to get off and push my bike. I was in sight of a few other racers on the first lap, but that was it until I was lapped by the amazing Sydney Brown. I crashed (fell over) twice. I had to walk one hill, but was able to ride the others. Thanks to the hooligans on the hill for their support and thanks to Sydney for lapping me so I only had to do 3 laps instead of 4 like everyone else. It was hard but fun. I love the laid back atmosphere of cross racing and I may try it again next weekend at the State Championship race if I can find a "cross" bike to borrow!

Letter From Emily – We’d Like Your Support!~

Hi PRC Fans!

I have approached the City of West Des Moines about grooming cross country ski trails. They were very responsive and seem excited about having this fun winter activity in their community. In order to make this happen, they need to know the interest for cross country skiing.

Even if you have never tried it before, but are a bit curious about the sport, please sign the petition below. If you know that you don't care for cross country skiing, but maybe know somebody who does, please sign the petition. If you already ski, then you know how exciting this is, so I hope to see your name on the petition. Just think of how great it would be for you, your family and friends to learn and practice skiing on groomed trails right in the city.

Please give us your support and follow the link below! And also, don't forget to forward this on to your friends and coworkers!
Click HERE to sign the petition.

Thanks and happy skiing!
Emily Schaapveld

We’d Love Your Help!~

Hopefully you have Saturday November 22nd marked on your calendar to participate in Cranksgiving but if not and you’re interested in volunteering, just let us know. We'll certainly find a job for you!

Or if you have any swag to donate for our post-race give-away, that would be really great. Just let us know!

We appreciate your help!

Contact us at punk@punkrockcycling.com.

Why PRC Girls Don't Workout At The Local Gym~


Keely Shannon
Resides: Des Moines
Hometown: New Virginia
'09 Race Age: 19

Background info? I am a freshman at Grand View College and majoring in journalism. I am a full time nanny in the summer but am currently working for Grand View.

Past race results? I have been racing bikes since I was 12, but recently took a couple years off. For the past two summers I competed in a few triathlons.

What excites you most about PRC? When I first started racing, in 2002, I would go to a local race and my competition would be one or two other woman. Since then, the sport has gradually grown for woman and I think it will continue to grow now that local cycling chicks have other local cycling chicks to look up to. Plus its just cool that there is team in Iowa thats just for girls...NO BOYS!

What do you feel you can uniquely bring to the team? I am young and I have been with the sport a lot of my life. I know the ins and outs of racing. I think I am someone that young girls looking to race could look up to.

How do you hope to promote more women to cycle/race? I hope to help promote young girls. I was one of them at one point and loved to watch the older, better females race. I looked up to them and strived to be that good. So now I hope to be on the other end and have those girls look up to me!

Other cycling goals you have for yourself or PRC in '09? Loving the sport again! I took the last two summers off because I got burnt out from the bike. Well, now I miss it. I miss the feeling of sprinting in a pack and feeling the joy of winning. My goal is to have fun and be competitive again!

Congrats To PRC's Ana Nelson!~

Congrats to our own Ana Nelson!

If you haven’t heard, Ana was recently named ‘Most ecstatic post race picture in IMT Des Moines Marathon History’! On behalf of your PRC teammates, congrats Ana!

Now we just have to wonder what had you so excited… Your overall time? That it was finally over? Were you getting sick? Did that shiny medal excite you? Was Brad Pitt at the finish? Were you shocked Terence beat you? Or was it something else Ana???

Emily's Mountain Bike Clinic Recap~

Twenty-three women, 6 dudes, and 58 fat tires…that’s what you would have seen at Greenwood Park on Saturday afternoon. Cam Kirkpatrick held his annual women’s mountain clinic, in conjunction with the Iowa Outdoor Women’s Associations Hike or Bike October Event.

There was an eclectic group that showed up. Some had limited experience beyond touring on a Huffy, others dusted off 20 year old Diamond Backs, a couple of skinny tires, several sleek rigids and sexy hardtails, and then, of course, a few were sporting nothing less than sweet carbon frame dual-suspensions. No matter what you pedaled, the clinic was a blast!

As for me, I learned lots of new skills while adding a few bruises to my collection. After playing around in the grass for an hour, learning to corner, pop a wheelie, pop the back wheel, and jump over a few small logs, Cam took us over to the a trail to practice some hill climbing. The hill was pretty darn steep, so along with others, I didn’t make it up the first time. For round two, with a little push, made it. The descent was more my style…sit back, let the breaks loose (sometimes) and fly down the hill!

After climbing, we headed to Hillside to play around on some beginner level single track. This gave all the women a chance to practice their cornering and log hopping. After one loop, every single woman had a smile on her face. It was great! And as an added bonus…no broken bones! Once we finished up, we rolled back down the hill for a snack and raffle. Special thanks to Rasmussen Bike Shop, Oakley, Louis Garneau, and Sock Guy for all the swag.

Oh…but that’s not the end of it. Elaine, Julie, and I stuck around to get a few pointers from Cam on the intermediate trails. I climbed hills and jumped over logs that I could not have imagined possible on my previous trail ventures. Now, of course I didn’t clear those obstacles on the first try, that’s how I came home with more bruises than before. I did manage to perfect the wheelie, on a rooted climb. I just couldn’t quite get the front wheel back on the ground, well at least until I finally tipped hard to one side, failing to get my shoes unclipped in time. I did that twice. And, I am sure I will do it again. But hey, that’s how you get better, right?

See ya on the trails!

Keeping Busy And Staying Active…~

PRC was out and about this weekend between Track & Back, the women’s mountain bike clinic and the Des Moines Half Marathon. Keep reading for more info...

“Saturday I participated in the Track & Back charity ride. Although it was a cold and foggy start, definitely a great, organized ride with lots of support, food, beverages and a post race BBQ. Once we arrived at the Newton speedway, we were able to bike around the track and lunch was waiting for us. And very cool, the children from the Boys & Girls club who benefit from this charity ride were there to show their appreciation. Great day and special thanks to the Track & Back committee for their hard work. Definitely a ride that I will do again.” -Kelli Mente

“Sundays half marathon was a new experience for me, I have done one before but it was 5 years ago at the end of triathlon and I was in better running shape. To make a long story short, I had a great run. I ran with people much faster and therefore was getting passed right and left but it kept me going at a good pace. I must admit my legs are not in the best running shape and now they are pretty sore. I will definitely do another but have yet to consider doing a full which sounds like pure torture, especially given how I was feeling after the half. My finishing time was 1 hour 46 minutes.” -Ana Nelson

“The awesome weather just added to the great Des Moines Half Marathon. Spectators were treated to some fantastic performances by local runners as well as athletes from Kenya and Russia. Gorgeous course with entertainment, support and a post-race party. While it's fun to get out of town and see new places, there's something special about your home turf. I set out today to have fun & anything else would be icing. My expectations were exceeded. I enjoyed my run and had the pleasure of spending a beautiful day with my friends and fellow athletes. And speaking of friends, congrats to Ana, who ROCKED it!” -Heather Myer-Davis

Just 5 Weeks Until Cranksgiving~

The women of Punk Rock Cycling will be hosting CRANKSGIVING on Saturday, November 22nd… Join Us!

WHEN & WHERE: Saturday, November 22nd. Registration opens at noon, race at 1pm. Mars Cafe at 2318 University Ave. in Des Moines, IA

HOW IT WORKS: You will be given a grocery list of 12 items which you must purchase from 12 different stores. You choose the stores, you choose the route; it’s like a treasure hunt! Once all the participants return, we’ll collect the food and donate it to the Food Bank of Iowa.

OTHER DETAILS: T-shirts will be given to the first 100 people to register and lots of give away items following the event for all participants. Overall winner will win $100 towards a tattoo at Yankee Doodle Dandy Tattoo.

OUR GOAL: Last year we raised over 2000 pounds of food. Please invite your friends and help make this year even bigger!!

LAST YEAR: For videos, photos, and press from the 2007 event - http://www.cranksgiving.blogspot.com/



Heather Myer-Davis
Resides: Des Moines IA
Hometown: Waterloo IA
09 Race Age: 45!
Background info? I’m married to Marty and stepmom to Walter (13) and Emma (almost 11). I work as a criminal investigator with the State of Iowa. I investigate crimes committed against adults who reside in nursing homes and other facilities throughout the state.

Any past race results? While I’ve been riding bikes for almost 40 years, I started “cycling” in the early 80’s while in college at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls. I’ve mainly been a recreational cyclist (with a time trial or two and a few mt. bike races thrown in) and a huge cycling fan. A few years ago I started running again, learned how not to drown (I can't really call what I do swimming!) and started doing triathlons. My results are mostly middle-of-the-pack, but I’ve had a great time training for and participating in triathlons around the state. One of the biggest benefits has been all of the amazing people I’ve been able to connect with through racing and training. The desire to improve my bike skills is what led me to the Ritual Ride and ultimately connected me with PRC!

What excites you most about PRC?
Everything! I feel like I’ve waited my whole life to see women’s cycling get its due. The hard work put in by the team management/members to secure sponsorships and promote the team has made people sit up and take notice that women’s cycling is alive and on the rise in Iowa. I love that the team has made such a great effort to get more women into cycling. The weekly Ritual Ride and the Race Like a Girl series have been awesome additions to the local cycling scene. It’s been so much fun to watch other women discover their potential!

Oh - and it doesn’t hurt that PRC won tons of races this year!

What do you feel you can uniquely bring to the team?
Well, I can definitely bring an “Over 40” (middle aged?!) perspective! Seriously, I think that fact that I’m in my 40’s and have had relatively average race results could make me a bit of an “every(wo)man” on the team. That may make it easier for me to relate to the struggles of women who, while they may never end up on a podium, constantly strive to improve themselves. *Not that I won’t be doing everything in my power to ensure that PRC ends up on the podium! : )

How do you hope to promote more women to cycle/race?
I’d like to make getting into cycling and/or racing less threatening (for lack of a better word) and explore ways to help women overcome the obstacles (e.g., finances, equipment, child care, etc.) that are keeping them off the bike. I’ve had to address a number of these obstacles myself and I’ll look for every opportunity to share my story in order to show women that it CAN be done. Additionally, I’d really like to show women like me- who are “older” or who have taken a break from cycling- that it’s never too late to get back on the bike.

Other cycling goals you have for yourself or PRC in '09?
I want to help PRC continue to promote women’s cycling and maintain their standard of excellence on the racing scene. On a personal note, I’m excited about making cycling my primary focus and am anxious to see how much I can improve over the coming year. I'm also looking forward to learning all the strategies and finesse involved in racing. I have a lot of work to do but I couldn’t ask for a better group to do it with!

Women's Mountain Bike Clinic - This Saturday~

This Saturday, October 18th, join a few of the PRC girls at the Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic. Meet at 1pm, Greenwood Park in Des Moines (near the old Science Center).

This is a women’s only beginner level clinic where you will learn the skills you need to have fun riding your bike off road. The basic skills of cornering, riding over logs, descending, climbing and avoidance skills will be covered. Great schwag & door prizes too!

As advertised, bring your helmet and bike and leave with skills and confidence. See you Saturday!

Happy Birthday SARA!!~

Happy 24th Birthday to one of our newest team members!! Sara, we hope that you have a super fantastic birthday! We are very excited to have you on our team and look forward to a great season with you. Best Wishes for a great birthday today from all of PRC!!

Join PRC - Track & Back THIS Saturday~

Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of the Track & Back price break - don't forget to register! Track & Back is a 46 or 92 mile bike ride from Downtown Des Moines to the Iowa Speedway & back with proceeds going to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa. Check-in at El Bait Shop on Friday night or early Saturday morning and then be ready to ride at 8am THIS Saturday, October 18th. Several PRC girls will be doing the ride and hope to see you there!!

Click HERE for details.


Muscatine, IA
Resides: Des Moines, IA
'09 Race Age: 28
Current job? Habitat for Humanity

Athletic Background/Race Results: I enjoy cycling, running, swimming, soccer, basketball, softball, cross country skiing and triathlons. Top Accomplishments of '08 was 2nd Place '08 Iowa State Road Race, completed the American Birkibeiner 50K Cross Country Ski race after stepping on skiis for the first time 6 weeks prior and top 4% of age group at '08 Chicago Triathlon.

What excites you most about PRC? Getting other women excited about cycling!
What do you feel you can uniquely bring to the team? I think I am the only one who has not crashed...yet.
How do you hope to promote more women to cycle/race? By encouraging them to come out on our rides and participate in our events. Women want to be cyclists, we just need to provide the opportunity for them.
Cycling goals for '09? Win more races and finally race on the Velodrome!

Jane’s New Chapter~

Many of you have been asking what’s going on with Sweet Jane and here’s the official low-down…

Dear Friends,

This week I accepted a job offer to work as an environmental attorney in Madison, Wisconsin. I will plan to start in a couple of weeks.

I am delighted about what lies ahead in Madison. This job promises to be a great next step, with lots of litigation experience on the very issues that have excited me most at my current job. Even better, I expect to be able to easily bike the short commute to downtown Madison on my new fixie. And I can't wait to experience the solid bike racing and cross-country ski culture that I've so enjoyed on my visits there.

Although I am full of anticipation, it is definitely a bittersweet time. My years in Des Moines have been full of good times and great laughs, and I will remember all of you so very fondly.

I hope you will stay in touch. My current email will remain the same and I'll surely be back for some racing and visiting. I would love to have you visit me there and for sure, I'll be eager to show off my new city to you.


Jane, PRC is sad and will definitely miss you but we’re super excited for you and your new opportunity! You’ve been such a great teammate both on and off the bike; your talent, knowledge, spirit and constant laughter can’t be easily replaced. We love you Janie and best of luck in Madison! And most of all, don't be a stranger!

Come, Be Our Friend!~

Not only does Punk Rock Cycling have a MySpace page but now we even have a Punk Rock Cycling Facebook page that we monitor and update regularly! If you’re a Facebook fan, simply search for ‘PunkRockCycling’ and become out friend! See you out there!

Join PRC For The Track & Back Bike Ride!~

Mark your calendar - Next Saturday October 18th, several PRC girls will be riding the 2nd Annual Track & Back Bike Ride event. “Track & Back ’08: One Hilluva Ride” offers a 46-mile or 96-mile course including both city and rural roads starting at El Bait Shop in Des Moines and heading east along a designated course toward the Iowa Speedway. Course support, sag stops and lunch will be provided along with a post-ride BBQ/celebration. Best part, 100% of the proceeds remain right here in Central Iowa with the Boys & Girls Club. Help us support our community!!

Click here for additional information.


Chris Maravelas
Where – Followed the Oregon trail by way of TX, WI, and MN to end up in Waukee, Iowa
Age – 39 (Born the same place and day as Lance – but 2 years earlier)
Single mom with 2 kids: daughter 5 and son 11

Obviously I’m a cyclist but started by competing in triathlons in 1993, certified USA Triathlon coach and will be certified to coach cycling in 2009.

Results – I’ve been racing triathlon too long to list them all, but some of my favorites are 6 time Heart of America Series winner, 7 time USAT All American Triathlete, USAT Honorable mention 1 year, Lifetime Fitness Sprint distance overall winner, at least one overall first place finish in each of the following: Quad Cities Triathlon, DeWitt Triathlon, Cornman Triathlon, Whaletown Triathlon and many others. This is my first year of bike racing and my results are: 1st 2008 Iowa State Team Time Trial Championship, 1st Old Capitol Criterium (c4), 1st Clear Lake Criterium (c4), 2nd 2008 Iowa State Criterium Championship, 2nd Wapello-Mediapolis Road Race (c4), 3rd Clear Lake Road Race (c4), 3rd Iowa City Road Race (c4)

The biggest, most awesomest thing about PRC is we are opening the doors for women (and men) to try something new that helps reveal the power and strength they've always had but maybe didn’t realize.

I’m very lucky to be in the position of being a coach to triathletes; I have the opportunity to reach people that are very eager and motivated to be more active. I’ve used our PRC Ritual Ride to introduce people to cycling where they’ve gained confidence that’s needed to take their cycling (and many other skills) to the next level.

People learn from the examples set by the pioneers before them and as long as I am able, I will continue to respect the power of example by pushing myself to improve, remaining accessible to those who have questions and by encouraging people to step outside their comfort level to try something new.

One of my favorite quotes: "I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." “I can accept failure, but I cannot accept not trying.” Michael Jordan

What Are The PRC Girls Reading?~

Mark Your Calendar - CRANKSGIVING '08~

The women of Punk Rock Cycling will be hosting CRANKSGIVING on Saturday, November 22nd… Join Us!

Saturday, November 22nd. Registration opens at noon, race at 1pm.
Mars Cafe at 2318 University Ave. in Des Moines, IA

You will be given a grocery list of 12 items which you must purchase from 12 different stores. You choose the stores, you choose the route; it’s like a treasure hunt! Once all the participants return, we’ll collect the food and donate it to the Food Bank of Iowa.

T-shirts will be given to the first 100 people to register.
Mars Cafe will be selling COFFEE, SODA, BEER, and FOOD.
NO ENTRY FEE, but you will need to pay for your groceries.
Overall winner will win $100 towards a tattoo at Yankee Doodle Dandy Tattoo.
Huge raffle to follow the event for all participants. Lots of great stuff given away!
Bring a bag to carry your groceries, cash to buy them, and a bike lock.

Last year we raised over 2000 pounds of food. Please invite your friends and help make this year even bigger!!

For videos, photos, and press from the 2007 event - http://www.cranksgiving.blogspot.com/

Contact punk@punkrockcycling.com

Meet.... ANA NELSON~

Ana Nelson
Current town: Des Moines, IA
Hometown: Salinas, CA
'09 Race Age: 30
Background Info? I have lived most my life in California other than two years in Seattle, WA and the last year and a half here in Des Moines. I am currently in school full time working towards my Bachelors of Science in Nursing with the hopes of continuing on to become a Nurse Practitioner. I also work part time as a Nursing Assistant in the Mercy Coronary Care Unit and love it.
Athletic background? Race Results? I played Volleyball at Saint Mary's College of California for four years, followed by two years of competing in triathlons in CA. Last year was my first year of bike racing and I must say the long road races are my favorite! Won both the Category 4 State Championship Road Race and Criterium Race.
What excites you most about PRC? The camaraderie amongst the girls and the doors it has opened for me to meeting new people. I love racing with and against great women.
What do you feel you can uniquely bring to the team? Fun and friendship. I love meeting, getting to know, and helping people. What better way of getting to know someone than on the bike? I love to have fun and feel as though even some of the toughest situations deserve a good laugh.
How do you hope to promote more women to cycle/race? I love riding bikes and I only hope that my passion for the sport rubs off on other women I am around. From friends at school to my coworkers I continually try to encourage people to get on bikes, no matter what kind of bike it is because we all have to start somewhere.
Other cycling goals you have for yourself or PRC in '09? To always Have Fun and help others to have fun! Oh and I would like to cut down on the nausea before races.

Thanks For Participating In Elder Month~

Thanks to everyone that participated in Elder Month! Thanks for the pictures that you sent in and a big thanks from PRC to Jay and everyone at the ELDER CORPORATION for their continued support. Jay definitely goes above and beyond promoting healthy lifestyles to his employees while also being active in the local cycling and triathlon community. We’re looking forward to another great year with Elder!

Thanks again for participating. Your shirts will be ordered and then shipped very soon!

Driven By Elder

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Alison Doyle, Cat 4

Rachael Lambert, Specialized D4W
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Jane's Finish at PRC Du
Jen Heckles Sk8 Kids
Chris's Gap at Old Cap
Emily's Training Ride
Jane & Kelli Talk Transition
Andy Likes PRC (& Guys)
Jane-Jen-Kelli After Altoona

All The YOUTUBE Videos

Delicious Desktop Backgrounds

Our Critical Power Test (XLS)
Rockin CL Training Log (XLS)
Kelli's Drafting Tutorial (PPT)
Criterium 101 (PDF)

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