Gu Roctane~

Kelli has been incorporating a new supplement to her racing, she got some early hands on Gu Roctane about a month ago. This formula has been on Gu's black market for some time, distributed only to their professional athletes like Wendy Ingraham and Michellie Jones, giving them that little extra kick in the patoot. Kelli first raced with Gu Roctane at the second Elkhart 12km Time Trial earlier this month (which was also her second time trial ever). She bettered her first time by 40 seconds and was only 9 seconds off the course record. She took one Gu Roctane about 10 minutes before the start of her warm-up and a second about 15 minutes before the start of her race.

The supplement facts look like this: 100 calories, which is standard. 35 milligrams of caffeine, a double dose. 25 grams of carbs, 5 grams of sugar, 65 milligrams of sodium. All good. The difference comes with some new additives to this high-octane mix. First is Histidine, which Gu says delays energy-sapping lactic build-up. They also add a new OKG amino acid complex, which reduces muscular damage and branch chain amino acids are increased, for added energy and mental acuity. The higher citrate levels that tweaked the taste actually help speed the conversion of carbs into energy, while delaying the build-up of acid in muscles.

Add belly-settling ginger and the anti-inflammatory chamomile. It's gluten, dairy and nut free to boot. And right now it comes in a Blueberry-Pomegranate and Vanilla-Orange flavor, with others to come soon. You can pick them up for $2.50 per serving at Rasmussen Bike Shop.

You Write The Caption~

This is a trophy photo from the race last weekend. On the left you see the Category 5 - Citizens third place trophy. On the right is the Women's Category 1-2-3-4 first place trophy.

Leave your captions in the comment space above.

Letter From Jen~

Hey Everyone, I was racing at Grafton yesterday and touched wheels in a weird way with another girl and went down. I knocked out 2 teeth, have 7 stitches in my chin and broke my jaw on both sides. I have a fracture in my right hand and my right knee has a nice goose egg. Other than that just some sweet road rash. I'm getting my jaw wired shut in a couple of days. I can talk for now but won't be able to after the wiring so email and text will be the best way to communicate with me. Hope you're all well. <3 Jen
-Jen, from all of us- get better soon!

PRC Wins At Green Days~

This past Saturday Kelli and Maria jumped into the Green Days Criterium in Johnston, Iowa. The two worked very well together in the Women's Open race... Kelli launched an early attack, Maria made a bridge across to her about 10 minutes later, and the two rode all the way to the finish line to take the two top spots. Great work girls!

PRC At Hy-Vee Triathlon~

Many of the girls did the Hy-Vee Triathlon in Des Moines this past weekend. Chris, Sweetness, and Em did the event solo. Chris did the Olympic distance tri in 2:24:56 taking 151 overall, 3rd in age group, and the 17th fastest woman. Jane did a 2:34:55 taking 308th overall, 12th in age group, and 38th amongst the women. Emily rocked a 2:39:02 taking 398th, 9th, and 52nd in the similar divisions.

Meanwhile, Kelli was conspiring and found the most B.A. swimmer and runner in the state and built an all-female team designed to destroy. Her team won the women's team division with a blistering 2:07:16 time. This result would have put her team 5th amongst all 160 teams (including male and coed teams).
You can check out photos or the PRC girls and the entire Rasmussen Bike Shop team and staff HERE.

Doing Des Moines~

We've got girls racing all over Des Moines this weekend. On Saturday, Kelli and Maria will be doing the Green Days Criterium in Johnston. This criterium is pancake flat with two 180 degree turns and all proceeds are donated to the Kids Bike helmet Program. On Sunday Jane, Emily, Kelli, and Chris will be doing the Hy-Vee Triathlon. Currently the event has over 2200 people registered. If you're in town come cheer us on, and heckle all that oppose. ;)

Zoolander & Hansel Part Deux~

Some of the team got together last night and tried out the 2009 spring apparel line from Specialized. Some really great pieces in the upcoming catalog. The casual knickers were an absolute hit. Thanks to Mark from Specialized for taking the time to get everything presented to us.

Everyone can check out some photos HERE.

PRC & Specialized Team Up for You~

The Designs for Women Demo team are traveling to Des Moines, Iowa in August. Giving you a chance to test ride the best women's bikes in the industry. The Specialized Designs for Women product line is the most complete package of bikes, components and apparel specifically engineered for the female rider. Every detail, down to the tiniest measurement, is designed to fit the female body. Specialized prides themselves on building Designs for Women products from the ground up to completely suit her riding needs.

The Demo team will be in Des Moines August 26-29 and will be joining the girls of PRC Tuesday night for an amazing party where you can try on all the Specialized Designs for Women Gear, Wednesday night at the PRC Ritual Ride where you can test any Specialized women-specific bike, and Thursday night at the final Race Like A Girl Criterium.

This is our week for all the women in the area... three nights where PRC, Rasmussen Bike Shop, and Specialized have dedicated every moment to enhancing your cycling experience. Plenty more details to come, so mark your calendar and stay tuned.

PRC Wins At Elkhart TT~

Kelli, Jane, and Maria did the second running of the monthly Elkhart Time Trial yesterday. There was perfect temperatures and zero wind on the 12km course... which was exactly what Kelli needed to set a blazing time of 17:05 (just 9 seconds off of the course record). Jane took the silver in the Women's Open category. Maria had a stellar night as well, taking first place in the Women's Category 4 field pushing a time close to 20 seconds faster than last month, only this time without any aero wheels. Great job girls!
Photos HERE, video HERE, and results HERE.

Jen Made the Cut~

After we decided that we were unable to send a team to the Nature Valley Grand Prix, Jen took her chances at the Tour de Winghaven Circuit Race in St. Louis. The top two eligible women would earn a fully paid spot on the Nature Valley Race Team for the whole of the event. Jen finished 5th, the top three riders (Amanda Miller, Bri Kovak, and Carrie Cash) were already attending the race with their teams. So Jen will join Catherine Walberg (4th place) and a handful of other girls from around the country this week in Minneapolis for the Nature Valley Grand Prix. Great work Jen!

PRC At Copper Creek~

The PRC team will be competing in (or volunteering at) the Copper Creek Triathlon this weekend in Pleasant Hill, IA. This is a sprint distance triathlon with over $10k in prizes... and it's wonderfully sponsored by the Elder Corporation. If you have time to make it out, please do.

HERE'S the info.

PRC Duathlon Results~

The second running of the PRC Duathlon was an absolute success. Ryan French took the win with a blazing 54:33 (just one second slower that the winner from the first event) and PRC's Maria Ruhtenberg took the top female spot with a 1:10:53. Thanks to everyone who came out! We'll get some pictures posted soon.


0:54:33 - Ryan French
0:58:00 - Adam Ventling
1:01:26 - Nathan Bartels
1:01:36 - Kent Carlson
1:02:20 - Ryan Klinkenborg
1:03:09 - Rob Gloe
1:04:05 - Jay Elder
1:04:29 - Jason Klein
1:04:48 - Jason Harm
1:06:58 - Josh Hochsteim / Jen Parker
1:08:19 - Max Studer
1:09:55 - Steve Flood
1:10:53 - Maria Ruhtenberg
1:11:44 - Emily Schaapveld
1:12:07 - Vance Flecther
1:15:34 - Heather Worthington
1:19:11 - Ken Tague
1:21:46 - Kale Halder
1:21:47 - Jesse Gerlits
Totally Busted His Chain - Jared McClaren

PRC Duathlon Tonight~

The PRC Duathlon is tonight and the weather looks decent! We will keep the same 2 mile run, 12 mile bike, 2 mile run at Big Creek State Park. Registration opens at 5pm and the race starts at 6pm. Download all the race info HERE.

Contact Kelli if you'd like to volunteer.

See ya out there!

Kelli Upgraded to Cat 3~

In her first season, Kelli has done some great racing! Rarely has she had to live life off of the podium. And after landing four top 3 placings at the races over Memorial Day weekend Kelli has been given her upgrade to Category 3. This means, in most cases, Kelli will be racing against the best women at every race. Congratulations Kelli! You're hot #### now, so it's time to rock #### now!

Shimano Dura-Ace 2009: Official Release~

After months of speculation, industry leaks and rumor, Shimano has finally released official technical information on its upcoming Dura-Ace 7900 mechanical group. As it turns out, the majority of the information out there has stood up quite well but one question this official release finally answers is what the new components will look like. To sum it up in one word: wow.

Dura-Ace 7900 will adopt an edgier look not unlike the latest generation of XTR. The lines are cut deeper and the two-tone finish is far more eye-catching. The overall appearance is darker and more businesslike, and we can’t wait to see it in person.

And as for final technical details? Read the article and see photos HERE.

PRC At Winfield Criterium~

Jane made her way to Winfield, IL to race the Winfield Criterium. This event counts as the ABR National Criterium Championship. The Sweetness put on a great show, she landed in the right break, and took third in the sprint! Great work Jane.

See race photos on the promoter's site HERE.

Driven By Elder

Papa Johns Pizza Ya'll

Punk Rock Cycling Women's Team

Kelli Mente, Cat 3
Keely Shannon, Cat 3
Maria Ruhtenberg, Cat 4
Emily Schaapveld, Cat 4
Heather Myer-Davis, Cat 4
Sara Broek, Cat 4
Keri Fellows, Cat 4
Alison Doyle, Cat 4

Rachael Lambert, Specialized D4W
Jed Gammell, Insurance
Chris Maharry, Photographer

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Papa John's
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