Jingle Cross Rocked!~

What is Jingle Cross all about to the women of PRC?

Jingle cross means the sound of all the fans heckling the racers ringing their cowbells and even one little guy pounding the drum as the racers climbed the mud slide. It means the sweet smell of mud caked all over our bodies and bikes, the taste of mud and easy cheese in between our teeth. It means all this was well worth the suffering. I mean, who needs Gu when you have Easy Cheese or even sausage hand outs?

This is my first season of cyclocross and I could not have enjoyed it more. Great people accompanied by great fun. Being this is my first ‘cross season, conversations revolved around the epic “Jingle Cross Rock” in Iowa City. The stories racers were telling were amazing and the only thing I could think of is, “Where do I sign up?” I signed up for the races on Friday night and Saturday morning, really not knowing what I was getting myself into until we arrived at the Johnson County Fairground and there in front of me stood Mt. Krumpit. My jaw dropped. I get to climb this?

The atmosphere at the Jingle Cross could not have been better. Most cyclocross races I have raced have had the best fans. Not to mention all the beer, food, and human suffering. Jingle Cross was no different and actually more fun than anyone should have on a weekend in November.

In the equation of mud, slop, and soupy water there were three PRC women representing at Jingle Cross this year: Julie Hugo, Maria Ruhtenberg, and myself. Julie raced Friday night in the women’s Cat. 4 race and looked very strong throughout the entire race. No matter how muddy it was or the amount of suffering her body was taking she was always wearing a smile. Julie pretty much mastered the pin wheel section of the race. Also, Julie has a pretty rad RV which was the central party stop for all. Thanks again Julie!

Maria took Friday off to heckle the racers and was preparing for Saturday’s Master’s race. Saturday morning Maria took off with the Master’s women’s race and looked strong riding, massacring the soupy mud but eventually the mud stopped her in her tracks. She had a pretty sweet warrior wound on her lip that made her look pretty bad ass. She finished all smiles…and a bit of blood. Way to go Maria!

Myself, I was loving every bit of it. I felt like I was 12 again (not so much the days after, though). It was the most fun I have had racing! I raced Friday night and Saturday morning with the women’s Cat. 2/3s and was able to hang in there. I really wasn’t prepared to run up Mt. Krumpit in ankle deep mud-slop or riding down Mt. Krumpit fish tailing the entire way down, not being able to clip in because of all the mud and grass caught in my shoes and pedals, but somehow in the midst of this madness it was all worth it.

I could not stay for day 3 of Jingle Cross, but rumor has it that the women took on the men in the single speed category in bikinis. Way to go bikini women! I have met some really great people through the course of my first ‘cross season and Jingle Cross was the best way to end the season. I can’t wait for next cross season!

-Katie Fistler

Happy Thanksgiving~

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. We will see you at Jingle Cross!

That's a Lot of Food!~

The total amount of food we donated to the food pantry at Cranksgiving was 2337 pounds (2011 items) Great job everyone.

And Congratulations to Julie Hugo, who was the overall winner this year and will get a brand new tattoo from Yankee Doodle Dandy Tattoo. Send pics when its done Julie!

Cranks a Lot!~

We would like to thank everyone that came out and all those who sponsored Cranksgiving 09 yesterday. Whether you participated, stopped by, drank, leg-wrestled, or just hung out—PRC had a wonderful time with all of you. See you at Cranksgiving 10!

-photo courtesy of Fry Guy Images via Facebook

Cranksgiving 2009 a Huge Hit!~

Thanks to everyone who came out to Cranksgiving yesterday. We had a great turnout with 91 participants. We amassed a lot of food for the DMARC Food Pantry. Thanks to Rasmussen Bike Shop and Mars Cafe for making it happen. Thanks also to T-shirt Graphix and Yankee Doodle DandyTattoo for making our particpants look great and hooking up the winner with a tattoo. Thanks to all of the businesses who donated generously to this event. They are listed here.

Hy-Vee employee Grant deliver a ton of food!

Food donated by Scheels--$250 worth!

Please stay tuned for more pics and stories from the day...and believe me, there were some STORIES!

Bring On the Prizes!~

If you don't come to Cranksgiving on Sunday, you are going to be missing out!! You'll have the chance to win a t-shirt from SMASH (which will have a new name by Sunday), a prize from Jett & Monkey's, a Chrome bag, a tattoo, a whole lot more, and this saweet print from DUFFY!

November 22
1 p.m.
Mars Cafe on University
Be there or be square

Win a Tattoo at Cranksgiving!~

Punk Rock Cycling and Yankee Doodle Dandy Tattoo is proud to once again offer a $100 tattoo gift certificate for the FASTEST Cranksgiving participant. Come to Mars Cafe on Sunday (registration at noon, race at 1) for our annual alleycat race to raise food and other needed items for DMARC Food Pantry. Details here!

PRC is Into Kristen~

Check out the article in Juice featuring PRC's own Kristen Burgess. Nice work!

Jingle Cross, Jingle Cross, Jingle Cross Rock~

If you’re not at Grandma’s house over Thanksgiving weekend, make your way to Iowa City for the Jingle Cross Rock races. Events are being held on the evening of Friday, Nov. 27 through Sunday Nov. 29 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Iowa City, Iowa.

To get you newbie chicks out to the event, 30th Century Bicycle is giving away a Masi Cross frame in random drawing for entrants in Women's Beginner race!!! (But if you win, you must give your bike to Sara. HA just kidding. But really, she wants to win it so if you’re not going to the races send your “win-the-bike” vibes her way!)


The website: www.jinglecrossrock.com

What'd You Say, Girl?~

What’s that you say, Lassie? You Want Me to Go to Cranksgiving? Of course you want me to go. The Punk Rock Cycling girls are giving away a prize from the new dog shop in the East Village, Jett & Monkey’s Dog Shoppe.

I saw the cute fuzzy green toy they're giving away—that would be perfect for you, Girl. And I know you’d love those yummy dog treats that Jett & Monkey’s put in there, as well! I’m going to go to Cranksgiving on November 22, at 1 p.m. (Mars Café on University) and try to win you that prize!

What’s that, Lassie? You don’t care about the prize? You just want to make sure I get the food and products sent to DMARC to help those in need this holiday. You’re such a good girl, Lassie.

Happy Birthday Ali!~

PRC sends out big biking love to the birthday girl. We hope your Friday the 13th birthday brings lots of laughs and, of course, a bike ride!

PRC News~

Congrats are in Order:
Rider of the Year awards were announced this week, and we are super excited that Kelli won 1st place in Rider of the Year competition for women cat 1/2/3 and Sara came in 3rd in the cat 4 competition. Congrats on having such a great year ladies! I know next year will be just as good if not better!
Racing News:
Its another busy weekend coming up for off-road racing. The State Cross Championship is Satruday in Lions Park in Altoona. PRC will be racing and hopes to see you there! The Dirty Duathlon is Sunday down at Greewood Park. It is a challenging course and will be fun to watch if you can't participate.

CRANKSGIVING IS COMING UP SOON! November 22nd, 1pm at Mars Cafe! The event has its very own blog.....check it out. You can win lots and lots of cool stuff (including this Langster!) and support a great cause. There are lots of hungry people out there (especially this year) so come out and feed those in need and have a great time in the process.

More Racing News:
By the way, in case you haven't heard, the 2010 road racing calendar is out....check it out here.

Sunday Mountain Bike Rides~

Since it gets dark now at like 3:00, we have moved our women's mountain bike ride to Sundays at noon, beginning this weekend. Meet at Asworth Pool. It will be a beautiful day! See you there

Practical Piece of Modern Art~

Last summer Lance Armstrong and Nike presented the STAGES art exhibition in Paris. The exhibition brought together over twenty world-renowned artists who donated pieces inspired by Lance, and his LIVESTRONG fight against cancer. Last week the STAGES show opened a three-week stay at the Deitch Projects gallery in New York.

The favorite piece of the evening was Tom Sachs’ object-art piece “Lance’s Tequila Bike For Girls.” It looks like it’s just another piece of art that has a bike frame included. However, the bike comes fully equipped with everything needed for a round of shooters—from the limes, to the knife, to the salt shaker and shot glasses. At the show, Sachs and Armstrong demonstrated the amazingness what was “Lance’s Tequila Bike for Girls” by slicing the limes and handing out shots from the motorized tequila pump. Now that’s a practical piece of modern art. Does PRC need one of these? Heck yes. Hey, Lance & Tom, now could you work on one that has everything you need for a good glass of wine?

Sara's Punk Periodical~

I did it. My first cross race. I can’t say that it was easy. Nor can I say that I was fast. But man, was it fun! You can see by the picture here that there was a HUGE puddle of mud—it was more like a lake of mud. You can also tell by my facial expression that this was one of my favorite parts. (If only there was a font for sarcasm.)

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn until afterward that I should never decline a Jell-O shot or a beer hand-up, even if it’s Hamm’s and even if I can't breathe. Sorry to all of you I declined. It could have been a lot more fun if I had taken them, but then I probably would have gotten last place. And in my book, if you don’t get DFL or DNF, you’re a winner! I really wanted to be a winner on Saturday!

I admire all of you who can hop off the road and on to the dirt. I’ll get there some day. If you have a good bike for me, I’ll get there a little faster! ;)

Congrats to all of you who did Sunday’s race. It was fun to watch you! Even more fun to be able to still walk Sunday night.

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